Program overview

An organization that doesn’t innovate will be left behind in today’s business climate – and this becomes especially challenging when organizational speed and complexity reign. This program is intended for those leading innovation in VUCA environments. If you are a leader who needs to learn how to create the conditions for innovation and creativity to thrive on your team amidst shifting priorities and constant change, then this program is for you.

The program teaches participants to use brain-based approaches to develop and support innovation as a solution for both everyday problems and big “break-through” innovations. Leaders will learn how to enable the creative energy of their staff to flourish and how to embed this capacity in their organization’s culture in order to sustain it in the long term.

How will my effectiveness improve from attending this program?

You will develop and learn how to:

  • Develop the capacity for greater creativity in yourself and your team

  • Combat stress and reduce its limiting impact on creativity

  • Generate and maintain a positive mindset for yourself and your staff

  • Foster the conditions for a synergy of ideas

  • Optimize the emotional climate on your team for creativity

  • Navigate different perspectives and manage conflict under pressure

  • Sharpen team problem solving skills during meetings

  • Structure decision-making communications between executives and project teams

Who should attend?

The program is designed for senior leaders, managers, and emerging leaders seeking to operate effectively in complex and fast-paced environments and want to cultivate greater innovation and creativity in their teams.

What’s the program structure?

A series of two one-day workshops with a one-month practice period in-between.

During the one-month practice period, you will be applying course frameworks and tools to real workplace scenarios. We will support your learning and engagement through a mobile app containing content, learning activities, and encouragement from instructors.

How many people can attend?

A maximum of 24 participants.

What will be covered?

Connecting brain & body with the creative process

  • How to bring brain and body into alignment through present-centered awareness as a foundation for creativity

Unleashing the emotional drivers of creativity

  • Deepen your capacity for managing stress

  • Shift team emotions to optimize creative potential

  • Manage team emotions to maintain creative brainpower

Creating a positive brain state to boost creativity

  • Recognize and manage negative bias to maintain creative potential

  • Cultivate positivity through brain-based practices that drive creativity

The art of effective innovation teams

  • Develop the fundamentals of team effectiveness

  • Foster the ideal conditions for team synergy

Fueling creativity through the emotional ripple effect

  • Recognize and manage how emotions ripple through teams

  • Harness team emotions to boost team productivity and vitality

Leading innovation through conversational intelligence

  • Manage conflict, navigate different perspectives, and limit group distraction

  • Sharpen team focus, attention, and awareness

  • Improve team problem solving skills through framing and effective meeting management

  • Structure decision-making communication between executive and project teams