Throughout our careers as leaders in high tech and biotech firms, we learned first-hand the challenges of thriving and leading in high-pressure, high-stakes organizations innovating at the speed of light. We also learned how collective leadership and self-mastery can serve as effective solutions to the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) inherent in these environments.

Through collective leadership and self-mastery, each VUCA condition can be met with an antidote: volatility can be met with vision, uncertainty met with understanding, complexity met with clarity, and ambiguity met with agility.

Source: Adapted from the Army War College

Over the course of our careers, our shared interest in brain and body development led us to the conclusion that the effective and symbiotic engagement of brain and body is the key success factor for developing collective leadership and self-mastery. We founded ClearSight to infuse brain and body development as a foundational capacity in modern leadership development programs that are specifically intended to meet the needs of challenging VUCA environments. Through our programs, our vision is to use neuroscience and somatic awareness to systematically unlock the emotional development that underlies self development – creating the foundation for leadership of self, team, and the organizational system in which we operate.