At ClearSight, we develop the capacity for leading through dynamic, high growth, or uncertain times by fostering collective leadership and self-mastery to achieve unprecedented results.

Responding to VUCA through brain and body

Our leadership development programs are designed from our philosophy that effective and symbiotic engagement of brain and body is the key success factor for developing collective leadership and self-mastery. We founded ClearSight to infuse brain and body development as a foundational capacity in modern leadership development programs that are specifically intended to meet the needs of VUCA environments – where volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity is the norm. Through our programs, our vision is to use neuroscience and somatic awareness to systematically unlock the emotional development that underlies self development – creating the foundation for leadership of self, team, and the organizational system in which we operate.

Fostering collective leadership

Our underlying model for fostering collective leadership, born from our experience as leaders in high tech and biotech firms experiencing rapid change, starts with the self. Through the development of presence, somatic awareness, and awareness of our personal narrative and reaction tendencies, our clients strengthen the foundational capacity of self-awareness necessary for leading in VUCA environments. Next, we help our clients develop greater self-mastery, agility, compassion, and the capacity for self-renewal to maintain a purposeful, understanding, and energetic stance towards VUCA challenges as they arise.

Our group programs enable clients to build on the foundations of self-leadership by strengthening their capacity for creating the conditions of optimal team effectiveness, as well as effectively surfacing, framing, and determining causes of complex challenges using multiple perspectives and systems thinking. Our group programs also focus on developing the skills for sustaining productivity through positive mindsets among group members, as well as effectively leveraging collective intelligence through conversational agility and a balance of listening, inquiry and advocacy. These capacities ultimately influence groups to step up and achieve the impossible.

Lastly, we help our clients to establish the culture and systems for leadership to emerge spontaneously without direction – through emergent and self-governing leadership. These capstone capacities enable leadership of self and groups to ripple through an organization and establish greater collective ownership, accountability, and ultimately leadership.