HR needs to help leaders navigate complexity while offering insights into the business. To do this HR leaders must understand the organizational goals and what the leadership is worried about and see as challenges. From this vantage point, HR leaders can translate organizational goals into people initiatives and offer insights into the business. Unfortunately, CEOs still don’t, on average, value and trust HR to be able to really help them achieve their goals. Why is that? HR leaders often fail to show that they really understand the concerns of the CEO and the business because they often fail to align HR strategic initiatives with that of the business.

HR can help translate the intention of the business into action, but without having a seat at the table, it’s hard to be effective. Without really understanding how leadership perceives the organizational challenges, HR can be left out. In contrast, it’s possible for HR leaders to become thought partners and deeply trusted by leadership through understanding, insight, trust, discernment and vision.

ClearSight will work with HR leaders to help them effectively partner with the senior leadership of their organization. We help HR leaders think through their people strategy and ask how it will support the growth and goals of the organization. We help clarify:

  • How your work and initiatives support organizational goals
  • How you are setting leadership up for success
  • Whether you have genuine buy-in and what to do about it
  • How you can influence leadership to get the resources needed to support the HR strategy
  • How you can measure success in your HR initiatives
  • What challenges the CEO is concerned about and how can you provide him/her with effective counsel

What we do

  • Work with HR to determine your strategy and ensure alignment with business objectives

  • Perform a diagnostic of the situation

  • Gain buy-in from leadership

  • Implement the initiatives

  • Iterate as needed

  • Determine measurements of success