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Speed and complexity easily create overwhelming conditions for leaders. When we experience a state of overwhelm, we shift to a reactive stance – letting the situation drive us rather than the other way around. In this state, when complex, cross-functional challenges appear, we problem-solve by relying on habitual ways of thinking and acting. We might try to control the situation by directing others, we might withdraw and/or criticize, or we might yield too quickly to the wishes and priorities of key stakeholders instead of advocating for what’s best for the business. These habitual approaches can easily backfire and undermine our leadership – especially when there’s ambiguity or uncertainty, when visibility is high, or when there’s urgency to act.

In this webinar, tailored for leaders in high-tech and biotech, you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize the various forms complexity takes when problem-solving and the range of reactions it evokes in leaders
  • Identify the reactive approach you instinctively rely on
  • Adopt a more intentional approach to help your team create winning solutions
  • Develop leadership skills to deal with turbulent environments in constant change