Our small group coaching program is a powerful method for delivering sustainable change to organizations. Participants work together learning about and practicing a facet of leadership. This includes a deep inquiry into themselves and how they can “show up differently” as a leader, learning new methodologies, personal self mastery, and more. Together, the group learns and practices a new leadership “language” that generates the energy for growth, resilience, agility and adaptability.

This leadership development approach involves inquiry, action, practice, and support in group setting. This approach also offers a different experience for participants from 1:1 coaching or a traditional classroom approach to a leadership program. Participants experience the power of a cohort that can deliver support, shared learning and accountability from peers and teachers, as well as a practice community. This approach strengthens the training experience and helps to embed the change deep into an organization’s culture because of the impact of a collective learning experience.

Program Structure

We understand that not all teams face the same challenges. We work in partnership with our client to fully understand the challenges facing a leadership team, and design a program to directly deal with those challenges. Rather than an “off-the-shelf” program, each program is fully customized to the needs of our clients, using best-practice frameworks, development theories and strategies that build self-awareness and reflection, emotional intelligence, agility and presence.

Our programs are delivered over several months. This is because we believe in a structure of learn-practice-discuss-learn to ensure that shifts in behavior are sustained. Groups meet once monthly for 2-hours. Each sessions is composed of one hour of teaching and one hour of practice/discussion.

In addition to the group sessions, each participant receives individual coaching sessions throughout the program. Coaching sessions are scheduled at the start of the program so the coach can better understand the individual situation and key areas of development. Additional sessions are scheduled mid-way, and then towards the end of the program. These Individual sessions are meant to augment work done in group and to create an individual development plan that the coach and participant will track over the entire length of the program.

Example program structure

In between program sessions, and in addition to the 1:1 coaching, we stay in touch with participants to create accountability and a high-touch experience. Programs can be designed for either emerging leaders or senior leaders. The group size and demographic is important and needs to be consistent throughout the program.

In the above example, in total, each participant receives 6 hours of individual coaching, a 2 hour feedback session on their personal assessment, and 16 hours of small group coaching and skill building programming.


The benefits of this type of leadership development approach are:

  • Peer learning & support. The time frame allows for practice of the skills and a chance to discuss and share experiences. As participants take action, learn, and share these experience, they grow with and through each other.

  • Application in the workplace. The work continues outside of the teaching setting with practices and 1:1 coaching, providing more opportunities for application than in a traditional classroom experience.

  • Mutual accountability. Participants hold each other accountable for learning and growth actions.

  • Individual attention. Each individual is personally tracked through the program.

  • High value. More participants are coached than could be achieved with an extended 1:1 coaching engagement.

  • Interactive and engaging. Learning is achieved through conversation and experiential exercises, rather than a typical classroom experience.

  • Distributed time commitment. The program designed for busy participants – requiring only 2-hours once a month.

There are add-ons we can include into the program such as: individual 360 assessments, personality assessments, and additional 1:1 coaching.