Virginia R. Dean

Virginia came to coaching and leadership development after a long career as a Human Resources executive in the biotech and high tech industries. During her tenure in the executive chair, Virginia focused much of her work supporting the evolution and performance of leaders. In addition to leading HR departments, Virginia has trained and practiced as an executive coach, receiving her coaching certification from New Ventures West in 2009.

In 2015, Virginia left her executive job after she suffered severe burn-out. She felt not in control of her life, ineffective, uninspired, unfocused, and unhappy. She was just “holding-on” by her finger-nails. Her “mind-state” was a result of existing in very complex corporate environments and not having the personal capacities to navigate them effectively. In 2016, Virginia spent a year getting her life back and experiencing first-hand the power of coaching. She transformed her life from a subsistence existence, to one that is flourishing and full. Today, her work is focused on her passion, she is healthy in body and mind, and is able to see infinite possibilities. She is committed to personal development and works with daily practices that deepen her capacity to be present for herself, family and clients. Virginia understands that what she has lived through is a model for helping her clients. Simply put, she has been there and knows the way out. She wants to help leaders before they “hit the wall” like she did.

In addition to an MBA from Simmons College’s School of Management, Virginia is a Certified Professional Coach, earning that designation through New Ventures West Integral Coaching Program (ICF certified). She has completed Georgetown University’s Team Coaching program, and has worked extensively with the Internal Family Systems model. Virginia is certified in the Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) assessment tool, the Hogan Assessment System, The Linkage Purposeful Leader Assessment – and has studied at the Strozzi Institute on Somatic Coaching and is currently enrolled in the Awareness Training Institute’s Meditation Teacher Certification Program.

She is a single mother of two incredible teenage boys and lives in Metro Boston. She has traveled around the world; practices yoga, meditation, and has a regular conditioning program all keeping her fit and sane; she gardens enthusiastically if not always fruitfully; enjoys making delicious meals for people she loves; is on her bicycle whenever the weather cooperates; reads constantly; intends to become a better photographer and is a proud parent of a black labrador retriever and an orange tabby cat.

Jonathan Levene

Through his coaching and leadership development workshops, Jonathan enables executive and management clients in high-growth, high-pressure, high-stakes environments to develop the attention and focus, emotional resilience, and strategic orientation needed to lead breakthrough business results. Using his approach, clients establish habits of action learning that enable bold new and impactful leadership behaviors to be systematically explored, honed, and ultimately mastered through progressive experimentation and feedback. His clients develop a deeper awareness of the thoughts and feelings, values and priorities, as well as psychological needs that drive behavior – both in themselves and those they seek to influence. Through this awareness, his clients begin to reshape the narratives and identities that unconsciously drive undermining leadership behaviors, empowering them and their teams to generate unprecedented innovation, creativity, and achievement. Jonathan’s approach is informed by neuroscience, martial arts, contemplative traditions, cognitive psychology, and emotional intelligence – having transformed himself from a high-IQ/low-EQ technical expert, to a strategic and enabling leader noted for his understanding and presence.

He learned early on in his career he had a talent for bringing together uncommunicative and combative technical experts to facilitate communication, focus attention, and work through conflict to turn around highly complex, failing technology projects. Over a 15 year period, Jonathan held technical leadership roles across engineering, product management, sales, marketing, and business development at small and mid-size technology firms. Today, he has coached executive clients in industries ranging from high-tech, healthcare, biotech, financial services, consumer packaged goods, media, consulting, and manufacturing – as well as having developed his own enterprise healthcare solution, licensing it to several multi-billion-dollar customers, and selling his software company in 2016. Past coaching clients have included Amazon, Cisco Systems, Citibank, Deloitte, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Biogen, Morgan Stanley, and Intuit.

Jonathan has served as an executive coach and facilitator in Harvard Business School’s Executive Education programs and a lecturer at the Harvard Department of Continuing Education. He has also designed and delivered leadership programs for the Harvard Center for Workplace Development and the Harvard Office of Work/Life on a range of topics including interpersonal communication, facilitation, decision-making, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. Jonathan has served in Babson College’s Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program, and has run several career development programs through the MIT Career Development Office.

In addition to holding an MBA from Babson College and a B.Sc. and M.Eng. from MIT, Jonathan is a Professional Certified Coach through ICF. He is certified in administering a variety of personality and 360 feedback assessments including Hogan, Leadership Versatility Index (LVI), Leadership Circle, Korn/Ferry Leadership Architect, MBTI, and DISC. Jonathan credits his own development to his long-standing mindfulness practice, established in 2008, which he uses to develop the presence of his own clients, and to sharpen their attention, focus, and strategic thinking. He is in the process of becoming a certified mindfulness meditation teacher through the Awareness Training Institute.

Jonathan is a fanatical, all-season barbecue chef, and can often be found carrying steaming platters of smoked, rotisserie chicken over the icy tundra of Needham winters – to the utter delight of his wife and two strong-willed daughters.